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Natural Manicures

Brisa Detox Pedicure (MOST POPULAR) 
Let's Detoxify and Re-energize your body and spirit with Brisa Detox Pedicure. 

Detoxifying starts with soaking your feet in a warm blend of Herbal Detox Tea, then Mud Mask which content Kaolin ultra-fine natural mineral clay, Brisa Essential oil and carrier Oil will totally bring strong aromatic notes of fresh herbs as an uplifting tonic for the legs

What a great way to detox, elevate your sense and spirit. You're be completely ready for spring and summer.  $60   
Ultimate Indulgence
This Luxurious Pedicure is like nothing else. You'll feel like a Queen right here in this modern world

An ultimate natural treatment including rich Apricot seed Body Scrub, a deep soothing sensation leg massage with Cooling Massage Gel

Enjoy a layer of Mineral Marine Mud Mask rich in proteins and nutrients that will delicately adhere to skin surface and pull impurity from the pores while tone and tighten your skin elasticity. $80
Nature's Retreat
Perfect treatment when need a 30 minutes of relaxation and grooming. This treatment offers a luxurious Apricot seed Body scrub, Cooling Massage Gel with a mixture with exotic tropical fruit ingredients that will exfoliate and enrich your skin. 

Extra attention to dry and cracked heels with natural heeling proprieties of Jojoba Esters Foot Treatment Creme. $50
Quick Escape
Quick Escape
When you’re strapped for time but your feet are in no sandal-ready state, opt for a Quick Escape pedi, freshen up feeling. Polish, then you'll will be flip-flop fabulous in no time.. $35
Nature's Retreat (MOST POPULAR) 
Nature's intention is to calm your mind. So you could be the better version of yourself. Now It's time to relax. Enjoy this all natural Manicure with Enummi Spa Scrub, Lotion and Cooling Massage Gel. Finish with regular polish $35 (add on Gel Polish $15)
Gel Polish Manicure 
A quick cuticles trim, nails shape followed by Gel Polish application. No more smudging, no more waiting to dry. Gel Polish offers an instant dry, 14 days shine guaranteed, a wide selection of colors... It's simply the best choice of Polish for your natural nails. $40 (add on Gel Polish $15)
Brisa Detox Manicure 
Detox. Detox. Detox. Bring in a fresh happiness, new energy, and dinitrophenol a new you. The combination of 4Life Detox tea, Brisa essential Oil and Enummi mud Mask brings the best of a manicure session. It is our most popular manicure for sure. Finish with regular polish  $50 (add on Gel Polish $15)  
Ultimate Indulgence Manicure
When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you definitely look good. Indulge yourself with the ultimate hand treatment. Experience the best features of Enummi Spa line right here with us. Finish with regular polish $55 (add on Gel Polish $15)

Nail Enhancement


Dipping Powder (MOST POPULAR) 
Gives an instant desired length and strength to your natural nails yet still looking and feeling natural. The best part of this type is the selection of colors. Just about any color you can dream of having. Enjoy!  $50
Natural Powder Nail Set
When durabily for your nails is the priority, this type is the best suit for you. 2 weeks refill is highly recommended to maintain the strength and health of your nailbed. Full set $50/ Refill $35
Pink and White
A 'Forever' French built in Nail tips. Our clients love this type because of its durability and natural looking.  Full set $60/ Refill $50
Eyebrows Wax (MOST POPULAR) 
Including upper and lower eyebrows arch. Please note: no sun exposure 24hr prior and after waxing session.  $15
Lip Wax
Upper Lip. Please note: no sun exposure 24hr prior and after waxing session. $10

Kids Services

Spa Packages

Mini Me Pedicure 
Kids under 12 are welcomes to enjoy Mini Me Pedicures when accompany with an adult  $20
Mini Me Manicure
Kids under 12 are welcomes to enjoy Mini Me Pedicures when accompany with an adult. Regular polish included $15
It's My Day. SPOIL ME!
Brisa Detox Pedicure & Manicure. VIP room. Collagen Drink Served. Neck Wrap Aroma Therapy. Hand Paraffin Treatment. Take home Enummi Body Scrub.   $145
It's My Day. PAMPER ME!
Nature's Retreat Pedicure & Manicure. Collagen Drink Served. Hand Paraffin Treatment. $100

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